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Weekly Online Tai Chi Classes
Strengthen Body, Mind & Heart
Tai chi is good for so many ailments, Harvard calls it 
"Medication in Motion"
Reduces Pain: Used as a pain reliever for 1000's of years. Tai Chi is AMAZING for increasing ability and decreasing pain from injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more.

Builds Immunity: Tai Chi is know for creating RESILIENCE in the body - increasing the function of all the systems

Improves Balance: Tai Chi is considered The BEST exercise for Balance.  Most People in my classes see Improvements within 4-6 weeks.

Increases Stamina: in a very safe way.  The movements are so smooth that it doesn't seem like you are doing much, but will actually build your deep power.

Inner Peace: Tai Chi helps calm the central nervous system - people experience the calming effects both when they practice as well as cumulatively over time.

The GOOD NEWS is.... 
You can gain all these benefits right at home!

How It Works: Classes are Thursday's @10am EST
1 - You purchase a subscription for weekly Online Tai Chi with Jennifer for only $60/month
2 - You get an email each week reminding you of the class...

Plus the link to join.
3 - You click the link in the email and join the Online class each week to practice with Jennifer.
4 - You Connect with Jennifer on Facebook for more talks on 
Tai Chi!
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For the Full Effects - 
It does take discipline - 
It takes showing up every week 

But if you can commit 1 hour per week, you will be amazed by the results.  

I've been practicing for almost 30 years and I am still amazed by the results... Hear what some of my clients have to say...

Hear from my Clients about their Experiences with Tai Chi
"The Tai Chi experience helps me stay focused on all parts of my body, to keep them moving and to slow down to a smooth tranquil pace."     -George Schena
"I think there are many people who would like the Live Tai Chi.  We can stay home and exercise.  It saves time and is comfortable.  
I like your soothing voice too."    
- Dorothy
Even if you...
  • Balance: Even if you need to hold onto a chair for balance, You Can Do This.
  • Stamina: Even if you cannot exercise for an hour, You Can Do This.
  • Pain: Even if you are in pain, we are always looking for this to feel effortless, You Can Do This.
  • Technology?: Even if you are not tech savvy, if you can watch a YouTube Video, You Can Do This.
  • Hate the gym: Even if you never go to the gym, Tai Chi is totally different than Western Exercise, You Can Do This.
  • Have tried Everything: Even if you have had surgery, and physical therapy, and everything else..... Tai Chi is a whole body tonic.  It has been around for 1000's of years to help people feel more healthy and powerful... 
My Promise to You
I promise this will help you on the road to feeling better. 
These Ancient Practices Have Been So Beneficial for So Many, 
If you do the work, you will see improvements.
If you are not thrilled with the program and can show me your work, 
your money back, guaranteed.   
~Jennifer Silverston
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