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Movement and Meditation to Strengthen Body, Mind & Heart
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For Physical & Mental
Sometimes it Seems Like the World is Going Crazy out There...
And when compounded by a Busy 
Stressed-Out Schedule, 
or an Injury or Illness...

Things can get OVER-Whelming... 

But the Good News is:
There are Ancient Mind-Body Techniques 
Designed to Strengthen You 
from the Inside Out.
Tai Chi ... Strengthen Your Body, Mind & Heart
Tai Chi is Renowned for:
  • Reducing Stress: 80% of diseases are compounded by stress... Tai Chi is Refreshing and Relaxing
  •  Reducing Pain: By moving gently in circular patterns, we lubricate the joints and warm up the whole body gradually and gracefully
  • Preventing Falls: Tai Chi is considered *The BEST* exercise for Balance by Harvard Medical School.
  •  Improves Sleep: Many experience better sleep on the days they practice Tai Chi
Easily recognized for it's gentle flowing motion, 
Tai Chi has been around for a Very Long Time..... because it works.
If you would like to...
  •  Reduce Stress 
  •  Sleep Better at Night
  •  Experience Refreshed Vitality
  •  Reduce Aches and Pains
Try Online Tai Chi Lessons Today.
Studies have shown a consistent practice to be as beneficial as CrossFit training!

I know first-hand how Tai Chi improves quality of life. 
In my early 20’s I experienced a severe spinal injury and suffered through years of pain and inability. I feared I would never be able to take care of myself or live a normal life again. 

Seven long years into my healing journey I discovered Tai Chi and began my personal practice. My doctors and physical therapists noticed a change in me and asked, 
“What are you doing differently?” 

The physical therapy was working better and my spine was improving.  Tai Chi was the one thing that completely changed my life.  I’ve continued my Tai Chi practice ever since and have 
healed without spinal surgery. 

Because of the incredible benefits I achieved with Tai Chi, 
I began teaching classes to help others.  
My clients who have been consistent in their Tai Chi practice have made incredible improvements in all areas of their lives which is why I’m offering this to you. 
Lessons are Ready for You to Begin Right Away
  •  Reduce Stress ... Enjoy Peace
  •  Sleep Better at Night
  •  Experience Refeshed Vitality
  •  Reduce Aches and Pains
These Video Lessons are all recorded outside in beautiful locations: 
China, France, and Michigan... 
so you can enjoy fresh beauty while you practice. Voila! Fantastique!
Happiness Guaranteed!
I promise this will help you on the road to feeling better.  
If you are not thrilled with the program and can show me your work, your money back, guaranteed.   

~Jennifer Silverston
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